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Bulk SMS

eNetwork SMS Messaging Solution

Reliable & fast interaction with the client becomes increasingly important in today's business environment, together with the ever-increasing number of communication channels.             

The competitive business environment forces the companies to achieve this objective in the most cost-effective way. Many companies need to reach their customers periodically and also at special occasions for various reasons.         

Sending news, warnings or reminders, credit card statements, bills, promotional advertisements and greeting messages are just some of the common examples.                                     


Our Service Solutions includes

  •   Global leader in bulk SMS and Enterprise Messaging;
  •   State-of-art Messaging Delivery Platform;
  •   High Performance: Direct delivery of SMS over Direct SMSC Link;
  •   Reduced SMSC capacity need: Offloading bulk SMS traffic over existing SMSC;
  •   Less investment: Eliminates the capacity extensions of SMSC for bulk SMS;
  •   Cost effective: Bulk SMS bundled solution charges, based on "per SMS sent cost per message";
  •   Over 580 networks covered globally, and increasing continually;
  •   Alpha-numeric originator support;
  •   1000 SMS/sec through-put;
  •   Programmable DLL designed for all the developers for cross-platform integration;
  •   Online Delivery Report web interface;
  •   SMPP/HTTP/UCP connectivity;
  •   WAP push / Long Text / MMS capability;
  •   Sending Bulk SMS over WEB, FTP and file upload.

What we Offer

  • We provides bulk SMS dedicated routes to various companies who are looking at bulk SMS as an effective marketing tool. We deal only with carrier-level connections, enabling us to provide a dedicated and stable route to our client base for a long term.
  • Our current infrastructure and carrier connection provides the best and most reliable solution as compared to other providers. We provide the best messaging cost module that fits in almost every low and high budgets. We believe in 99.9% uptime since our entire infrastructure is based on the most reliable and industry proven hardware and software.
  • Our highly skilled team and highly experienced mobile telecom engineers make the system a step ahead of the competition in order to provide with the best client support and service.
  • The bulk SMS service also allows our corporate clients to transmit the bulk SMS via HTTP, FTP or SMPP interface, and from any web server. Also by using our desktop interface, the client can send single, group or bulk SMS, without using any browser.
  • Other Services: Customized version of Enterprise SMS that powers your website with SMS sending capability.

About Us

E-NETWORK IT CENTRE LTD is a Nigerian company, a private Information and Communication Technology (ICT) firm.

offering a wide range of ICT products and  key distributor of several leading hardware and software solutions.

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  • +234 802 3788471
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